can a half dead tree be saved

Can a Half-Dead Tree Be Saved?

When you notice sick or dying trees in your yard, you may wonder, “Can a half-dead tree be saved?” In many cases, trees with life left in them can be saved through different methods. Learn the reasons why trees may partially die and how you can help save your half-dead tree from the experts at Cherry Hill’s tree service company.

Reasons for a Half-Dead Tree

Homeowners enjoy healthy trees, so when your trees show symptoms like dry, dead leaves, darker branches, or discoloration around the roots, you want to take care of the problem. The most common reasons a tree may partially die include the following:


Lightning usually strikes the highest points around an area, making trees a common victim during storms. When lightning strikes a tree, it may cause the tree to explode or burn away the moisture inside the tree. Sometimes lightning won’t go down the center of a tree, only injuring parts of its branches and trunk.

Root Damage

If your tree is dying and you can’t figure out why, check its roots. Roots sometimes come out of the ground, losing their ability to safely collect water and nutrients for the tree. Surfaced roots have a high vulnerability to insects, disease, and accidental damage from lawnmowers or pruning shears, making it more likely that all or part of a tree may die.

Compacted Soil

Answering, “Can a half-dead tree be saved,” starts by inspecting the tree from the ground up. Trees too close to driveways or in the path of heavy machinery may suffer from soil compaction, a condition in which soil becomes so tightly packed it prevents water from reaching the roots. Check the dirt around your tree and find a local tree service to help you aerate the ground.

Wood-boring Insects

Insects may bore into your tree’s trunk and begin to reproduce, starting an infestation. This can lead to large holes in tree trunks, a serious sign of distress. Wood-boring insects can eat up a tree’s bark or leaves, denying it of its foliage and protective skin.

Root or Bark Diseases

Tree diseases vary in their attacks. Some start at the bottom, working their way up a tree from the roots, while others attack and soften the tree’s bark. If you catch a tree disease early on you may have ways to stop it, but once the disease has progressed too far, you may need tree removal.

Methods to Save a Half-Dead Tree

You can try three different methods to save a dying tree:

1. Prune the Tree

While only a small part of your tree may die, experts suggest you prune 30% of the entire tree. This method allows your tree to send its nutrients and water to much less of itself and allows the tree to heal.

2. Water the Tree

Each night, turn your water hose on just enough to get a steady stream going and leave it about two feet from the tree base. Stop watering after two weeks, then try again if your tree seems to need it.

3. Add Fertilizer Around the Tree

Some trees need extra nutrients, especially while recovering from pruning. Place horse manure along the ground right beneath the tree’s furthest branches to boost your tree’s health.

Save Your Tree With Bumblebee Tree Service

If you wonder, “Can a half-dead tree be saved,” the answer depends on the level of damage the tree has suffered. Whether you need to remove a dead tree or help save one in Cherry Hill, NJ, call Bumblebee Tree Service at (609) 352-0499. Learn the signs that a tree needs to be cut down.

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