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As beautiful as trees are, there are times when they need to be removed in Sewell, NJ, in order to preserve the safety of your home or business. The certified professionals at Bumblebee Tree Service are knowledgeable in the correct procedures and equipment that should be used in this process.

Tree Removal in South Jersey

Our specialty service is provided by certified, fully licensed & insured professionals.

We have been caring for trees in the Sewell, NJ, area for over 10 years. We serve the interests of homeowners, businesses, and municipalities. We have been keeping up to date with authoritative tree care sources, such as TCIA, and continue to bring you the highest quality services we can.


Identifying a Hazard Tree

When identifying a hazard tree for tree removal in South Jersey, it is important to inspect the roots, trunk flare, main tree stem, branches, and branch unions to look for any defects that could become a potential hazard. Hazard trees can be difficult to spot, but the professionals from Bumblebee Tree Service are trained in how to identify the the defects that can occur in a hazard tree, including:

  • Root problems
  • Poor tree architecture
  • Weak branch unions
  • Cankers
  • Decay
  • Cracks
  • Dead branches

Other Reasons To Remove A Tree

There plenty of other reasons to remove a tree or trees. Often an encroaching tree or tree line may be infringing onto your building, property, or useable space. They may even be blocking your view. We can reclaim those areas back. More importantly, the roots from an encroaching tree may be threatening your building foundation or plumbing.

Why hire a professional tree removal service?

We never like to get rid of a tree, But there are times when it becomes necessary.

Hazard trees can have defects that weaken their integrity, leaving them more prone to falling on a house, car, or person. When trees become damaged, it is important that they are removed properly in order to ensure the safety of the people and property surrounding the tree. The certified tree specialists at Bumblebee Tree Service, LLC are well-versed in Tree Removal in Sewell, NJ, and the use of the proper safety equipment and procedures necessary to safely remove hazard trees.

If you haven’t had your trees inspected in over a year, it is important that a professional evaluates them to ensure that they have not developed any hazards. Call Bumblebee Tree Service today and let one of our professionals come and evaluate your trees to ensure they are safe. We work with homeowners, businesses, and municipalities on tree trimming and removals to ensure that the urban trees in Sewell, NJ, and the surrounding areas are safe for all residents.