Bumblebee Tree Service is happy to offer our stump grinding and stump removal service to all businesses, homeowners, and municipalities in the Sewell, NJ, and surrounding areas. 


Once a tree is cut, the stump that is left behind can be unattractive, especially when compared to the rest of a carefully managed lawn or property. Professional stump grinding is the safest and fastest way to remove stumps from the area.


Bumblebee Stump Grinding

Tree stumps are no match for our heavy duty equipment. Old stumps or new stumps are ground away with our high powered machinery.

Why stump grinding?

According to National Arborists, leaving a stump on your property without grinding it down may result in the remaining trees in the area becoming infected. Tree fungi will infect tree stumps that have been left, and release spores that will spread into the soil, infecting healthy trees that become wounded. Pests are also attracted to tree stumps. an old stump will attract insects and termites, in turn, putting your property or house/building at risk. Safety should also be prioritized and removing them will prevent people from tripping on them and eliminate damage to lawn mowers.                                 

The tree care specialists at Bumblebee Tree Service are trained in the use of professional quality stump grinders. This specialized tool grinds away the tree stump and roots using cutting teeth. The grinder is lowered slowly back and forth across the stump in order to turn an unsightly mark into valuable mulch or wood chips that can be used for further landscaping.

Why hire a professional stump removal service?

It is true that you can rent stump grinding and removal equipment and complete the process yourself. However, this can be very labor-intensive and expensive. Furthermore, once the stump has been removed, you will be left with the task of disposing of the wood chips that are left.

Many individuals who attempt to use stump removal equipment themselves find that for one reason or another they are still unable to successfully remove the stump. This usually occurs because they are not trained in the proper technique for using this equipment and end up hiring a professional service anyway. By hiring Bumblebee Tree Service you save yourself the time and trouble of attempting to rent and use a stump grinder yourself.

If you have a stump in need of removal, or even if you need some general yard maintenance done in Sewell, New Jersey, call our office today. We will be happy to schedule a consultation on your schedule, and will provide you with a professional quote on the cost of your stump grinding service.