The Differences Between Trimming and Pruning 

Trimming and pruning are two essential methods homeowners perform when maintaining their gardens and taking care of their trees. While some use these terms interchangeably, they are different services, and arborists perform them using various tools. For example, trimming is more suitable for maintaining hedges or small shrubs, while trimming is better for trees. 

The tree service professionals in Cherry Hill from BumbleBee Tree Service share a few essential differences to help you separate tree trimming from pruning and understand the concept of the services. 

Trimming and Pruning: The Basic Differences 

Tree pruning and trimming are landscaping methods that help keep the plants healthy throughout the year. However, they have distinct applications and functions. 

1. Definition 

Tree trimming shapes a plant or a tree evenly to meet the standards and requirements of the local community. Trimming is also suitable for removing dead or diseased branches. 

However, tree pruning is a selective procedure that considers the overall tree structure and helps ensure the tree is healthy, receives proper nutrients, and is free of any diseases. 

2. Purpose 

The idea of trimming is to improve the appearance of a shrub or tree and enhance the overall tree aesthetics. Removing diseased or dead branches also helps ensure the proper development and growth of the plant. 

With regular pruning, property owners eliminate infected branches before they cause more significant damage. They also ensure the plant isn’t susceptible to disease and infection. 

3. Equipment 

Another difference between trimming and pruning is the equipment used to perform the services. The tool that professional arborists use for trimming a tree is a clipper or a trimmer, which can be gas-powered or electrical. 

For pruning, arborists use a shear, which can be a hand and lopping shear. Hand shears are better for removing buds and leaves, while lopping shears are better for cutting thick branches. 

4. Frequency 

Professional arborists provide tree trimming trees twice a year, after each flowering season. The ideal time is late fall, although this might vary based on the type of trees you have in your yard. 

On the other hand, you can prune a tree just once a year, in the summer or during the winter months. While there is never a wrong time to cut damaged or dead branches, most trees will benefit from pruning during mid or late winter. 

Tree Trimming and Pruning: Which Option Is Better 

When it comes to plant maintenance, many homeowners wonder which method is better: trimming or pruning. So, what should you choose when you call a professional tree care company? 

The best way to maintain a healthy and green yard is to know when to trim and when to prune a tree. Both procedures involve cutting the leaves, branches, and other plant portions and ensuring proper tree development, so it is better to use them at different periods or seasons. 

Working with professional arborists can make the decision easier. They will suggest whether trimming or pruning is a better option for your tree’s current health and what benefits you can expect after each service. 

Partner with Professional Arborists for Trimming and Pruning in Cherry Hill

At BumbleBee Tree Service, we pride ourselves on being the go-to team in Cherry Hill for tree trimming and pruning.

We provide quality services and support to local homeowners when they need it most. If your notice obvious signs that a tree needs to be cut down, needs professional trimming or pruning, or need help planting new trees, don’t hesitate to call (609) 352-0499. We will come on time with the necessary tools, ready to tackle the job. 

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