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Is a Tree Removal Permit Needed in Cherry Hill, NJ?

If you want to remove trees in Cherry Hill, you need an approved tree removal permit from the township. Learn more about the application process, then call Bumblebee Tree Service, the best tree service contractors in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Why Do You Need a Tree Removal Permit in Cherry Hill, New Jersey?

Cherry Hill requires permits to remove trees to prevent the excessive destroying of the natural resource and harm to the entire township. 

Removing too many trees can impact wildlife habitats, soil erosion, air quality, pollution, visual appeal, and more. These effects negatively impact the township’s appeal, operations, and health. Therefore, residents must complete a permit application to remove trees on residential and commercial properties. 

Permit applications should allow around 7 business days for their form to process, and they may need an inspection before issuing acceptance or denial. 

Obtaining a Cherry Hill Permit for Tree Removal

If you have private property in Cherry Hill, you’ll need to follow the proper procedure for removing one or multiple trees. There are serious consequences for those who don’t get an approved permit and still remove trees anyways. Cherry Hill township allows commercial and residential property owners to remove invasive trees or ones with harmful insects.

1. Removing Trees Without a Tree Permit

If you violate Cherry Hill’s rules regarding tree removal, you will need to pay either a $100 (residential property owners) or $300 (commercial) fee. They encourage residents to report what they believe are incidents of removing trees without permission.

Additionally, violators of the township’s regulations may have to plant replacement trees, depending on how many healthy trees they are choosing to remove. When filling out your application, you can note if you’re replacing trees.

2. Information You Need to Apply

Is a tree removal permit needed in Cherry Hill, NJ? Yes, but you should gather some essential information first before beginning the application. Knowing how many trees you’re looking to remove, their conditions, and the reasons for removal are major parts of the permit process.

You will need to explain if these trees are safety hazards, diseased, or some other reason why you’re removing them. Cherry Hill also wants to know if the trees are living or dead and that your application does not break any regulations or code of the township. Finally, you will also need to fill out a section about tree replacement, but only if you are planning on replanting anything, such as in the case of dead trees. 

Commercial properties also need to fill out a tree removal permit, but some parts of the form differ. If commercial property owners don’t choose to replant, they may have to pay $300 per removed tree. It’s lower for residential properties, who may need to replace three or more removed trees.

Contact Your Cherry Hill Tree Service Professionals

If you’re dealing with storm damaged trees and need someone to remove a tree in front of the house, call Bumblebee Tree Service at (609) 352-0499 for a free estimate in Cherry Hill, NJ. We also serve the nearby areas and can help with removal, pruning, trimming, and more.

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