can you remove a tree in front of your house

Can You Remove a Tree in Front of Your House in Sewell, NJ?

Planting beautiful trees around your property in Sewell is a fantastic way to enhance its curbside appeal. However, sometimes trees become dangerous and require removal before they jeopardize your family and home’s well-being. Unfortunately, many Sewell residents don’t know if they can remove trees from their property legally.

So, can you remove a tree in front of your house in Sewell, NJ? To find out, Bumblebee Tree Service put together everything you need to know about removing trees for your private property.

Bumblebee Tree Service is Sewell’s tree removal company. We offer first-class tree removal across the greater Sewell, NJ, area and will handle all your tree care needs at a price that won’t break the bank. If you need to remove dangerous trees from your Sewell, NJ, property, contact the experts at Bumblee Tree Service.

Can You Remove Trees from Your Sewell, NJ, Property?

So, can you remove a tree in front of your house in Sewell, NJ? There is no exact answer to that question, as it depends on certain circumstances.

Many Sewell homeowners believe they can remove trees from their property whenever they see fit. However, New Jersey requires residents to obtain a tree removal permit and receive approval from the township. They must complete the approval process before removing any trees from their private property.

You can obtain a tree removal permit by visiting your local municipality building or city hall. Most permits cost between $20 to $150, depending on the district and how many trees you want cut down. Some regions require an inspector to assess the tree and determine if it qualifies for removal.

Removing trees without a permit results in fines (typically $10 to $100 per tree) and even a court summons in specific cases.

What Qualifies a Tree for Removal?

Trees that pose a significant danger to surrounding properties qualify for removal in Sewell, NJ. In fact, you don’t need a permit to cut down dangerous trees. 

For example, if a large tree is about to fall on your home or utility lines, you can remove it without a permit since it poses an immediate threat. However, if the tree isn’t a danger to its surroundings, you must obtain a permit before cutting it down.

You can identify hazardous trees with the following features.

  • Several dead or broken branches
  • Excessively damaged roots
  • Leaning or cracked trunk
  • Hollowness
  • Extreme weakness

However, it’s best to contact a professional tree removal company to assess the tree and determine if it’s an immediate threat. Arborists understand what to look for and will remove the tree for you for a modest fee. Calling a tree service before removing a tree is a surefire way to avoid penalties and ensure a safe and efficient removal process.

It’s important to note that tree removal is extremely dangerous and requires specific equipment to complete correctly. Never attempt to remove trees if you don’t have extensive professional training and supplies. Always contact an experienced tree removal company like Bumblebee Tree Service to eradicate trees from your property and ensure a safe process.

Contact Bumblebee Tree Service for Unmatched Tree Removal in Sewell, NJ

Next time you ask yourself, “Can you remove a tree in front of your house in Sewell, NJ?” contact Bumblebee Tree Service. We will handle the entire tree removal process from start to finish so your property can look its best throughout the year. You won’t have to waste time learning how to find a good tree removal service, thanks to Bumblebee Tree Service.

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