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Pergola canopies are also known as arbors and are used to create a shaded area in a yard or garden. The shaded area can be a walkway, path, patio or other outdoor sitting area or feature that does not already have a covering.

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Pergolas in South Jersey are made with posts or pillars that support an open concept of cross beams or lattice which is used to hold various kinds of vines or creeping plants that create a ‘roof’ or covering by filling in the framing space.

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Our staff of professional arborists can take the layout of your property and design the pergolas that would highlight existing landscaping and hardscaping features. We will provide you will options and ideas that will not only match your overall yard development but will fit your budget and provide you with great value. We’ve been in the tree and landscape business for the past seven years and urge you to call (609) 297-1721 or e-mail Bumblebee Tree Service today for a free estimate on our pergola installation program.

Pergola A-B-C’s

pergola-south-jerseyPergolas come in many different types and are used for different reasons in an outdoor green space. In some cases a pergola can act as the extension from an entrance/exit to a yard or garden acting as a tunnel or a covering over a sidewalk or walkway. Stand alone pergolas can be used to provide shelter and shade over a sitting area or other quiet place. The overall open concept construction of a pergola serves one primary purpose – to provide climbing or creeping plants a place to grow and attach to.

While pergolas were originally made from plant shoots that were tied together to create arches, modern building materials make a more permanent structure. Pergolas can be constructed from wood, fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl and even PVC and are far more affordable made from these than from brick or stone as was the trend at one time. Contact Bumblebee Tree Service by phone here: (609) 297-1721, or e-mail for details on the complete list of products we can make your garden pergola from.

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Because each customer’s yard, budget and requirements are different from one to another, our professional pergola designers are able to work with any possible combination. They will take you from the initial planning and layout to material selection, excavation, foundation building to installation and clean up. At Bumblebee Tree Service, we put you in complete control of your yard or garden project and provide the guidance, expertise and skills to get the job done.

Because of the variables mentioned, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all pergola package and price. Our team of well-trained designers in South Jersey will create canopies for your property that will enhance your green space and that of your neighborhood. We can create the perfect set of pergolas – and an accurate quote – based on your design requirements once we inspect the job site and reviews your plans and ideas.

At Bumblebee Tree Service we treat each project as if it were one of our own, so we pay a lot of attention to details. We want to leave your yard looking as if it had been transformed into the most beautiful yard on the street and one you will be proud to own and share with friends, neighbors, co-workers, family and others. To find out more about the many services available from Bumblebee Tree Service and Landscaping call us at (609) 297-1721 today or send us an e-mail.

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