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How an Overgrown Tree Poses Danger to You and Your Neighbors

According to the tree removal experts in Sewell, NJ, an overgrown tree poses a hazard to you, your property, and your neighbor’s property. Large trees can cause significant damage or injury, costing thousands of dollars in repairs. An essential aspect of homeownership includes understanding when to trim your large tree to prevent accidents.

What happens when you let your tree overgrow? The professionals at Bumblebee Tree Service explain why you need regular tree trimming to mitigate your risk. Continue reading to see what can happen to you or your neighbors.

Large Branches Cause Property Damage

One swift gust of wind and a weakened branch can destroy your roof, put your neighbors at risk, or damage a car. Low, overhanging branches cause significant property damage every year because property owners often wait too long for professional tree trimming services.

It’s not noticeable on a still day, but once a storm sets in, the weight of a large branch can cause it to break and fall onto your property or potentially other people. A large branch can weigh several hundred pounds, and falling from a high-enough height can damage a home.

Hidden Dead Branches

A significant problem with overgrown trees stems from not being able to inspect the tree easily. A branch could die without the homeowner knowing, creating a massive risk to you and the adjacent property owner.

Overgrown trees have dense foliage, hiding illness, pest infestations, and more. When you don’t know your tree’s health, you put everyone in your home or near your home in harm’s way. Eliminate this problem with regular inspections and pruning, so you stay aware of your tree’s health.

Dense Foliage Can Uproot Trees

With overly dense foliage, your tree could uproot and crash into your or your neighbor’s home during a storm. A well-taken-care-of tree has thinner leaves and branches, allowing even a strong wind to pass through. The right tree professional can help you mitigate your risks with the following services:

  • Regular inspections
  • Proper tree care, such as fertilization and watering schedules for maximum health
  • Thinning the tree branches and limbs
  • Treating pest infestations, fungal infections, and disease
  • Removing overburdened or weakened branches

All of these require professional expertise but improve your large tree’s health, security, and beauty. A falling tree can destroy an entire house, severely injure residents, or harm your neighbors. Always check on the health of your trees for your safety.

Over-Reaching Branches Cause Collisions

If your tree’s branches reach beyond your property, they can pose a hazard to anyone. Passersby may collide with your low-hanging branches, or they can grow into power lines and cause fire damage. With pruning, you can mitigate this risk and keep your branches safely on your property and away from traffic, people, and power lines.

Hiding Places in Dense Growth

Your tree could be home to snakes, opossums, or other pests, causing problems to your home. The thick overgrowth in your tree can cause many problems and create unsafe living conditions.

Humans may hide in the branches and use them to sneak into a window without getting caught. Protect your home from burglary and more with proper tree care.

Contact Our Team To Improve Your Tree’s Health

If you’re learning how to find a good tree removal service, reach out to our team. We can provide many services, such as the following:

  • Tree trimming
  • Inspections
  • Diagnosing tree diseases and pests
  • Preventative pruning
  • And more

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your and your neighbor’s properties. Contact Bumblebee Tree Services at (609) 352-0499 and request an estimate in Sewell, NJ, for your overgrown tree. 

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