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Our South Jersey landscaping team at Bumblebee Tree Service is ready to help beautify your home or business.

We train our professional arborists & landscapers on the cutting edge of new industry practices & techniques to keep their skills current and up to date.

Our Other Landscaping Services

Landscaping has many benefits. In addition to enhancing the overall look of your home and property – trees, shrubbery and hedges assist in defining living spaces in and around your yard.

Another important plus to professional landscaping, according to the American Nursery & Landscape Association, is that it adds value to your property.

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At Bumblebee Tree Care and Landscaping, LLC we are proud to provide you with the highest quality of service in the South Jersey, NJ area. Use our form below, or call us today to claim your Free Estimate: (609) 297-1721

Bumblebee Tree Service can assist you with your residential or commercial landscape’s layout and design in order to beautify your outdoor space without sacrificing functionality.

We can suggest the correct combination of plants and trees that will help your property thrive for many years to come.

Call us at (609) 297-1721 or e-mail us for a free estimate for the landscaping of your home or business.

Maintaining Your Yard

yard-maintenanceSomeone has to take care of your yard, and we’d be honored for you to consider our highly qualified team.

We can look after all the details related to the vegetation in your property. That covers everything from tree and shrub trimming, fertilizing, watering and regular checks on the health of your trees and plants, all the way to treatments should disease or pests invade.

Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping professionals are knowledgeable on all aspects of tree and plant maintenance.

Yard maintenance is a lot more than cutting and watering the lawn at regular intervals. There are seasonal chores that need to be incorporated within an annual cycle of yard care, covering everything from raking and composting leaves to filling planters and hanging baskets with flowering plants (and much, much more).

Call us at (609) 297-1721 or e-mail Bumblebee Tree Service for a free estimate on regular maintenance for your yard or property.


As you can imagine, yard maintenance can be quite a bit of work.

Depending on what services you require, it will also have an effect on the cost of our service.

Just like fingerprints, each property is unique and different, and what may work for your neighbor may not be exactly right for your particular situation.

That is why we urge you to contact us at Bumblebee for a free estimate on a program designed specifically for your yard and the level of maintenance it requires.

Our Promise to You

There is no question about it… we really love what we do for our customers.

Our professional arborists value their skills and enjoy turning yards and properties into magnificently & beautifully manicured neighborhoods. They are creative. and work with you to achieve the look and design you are after at an affordable price. This is our promise to all our valued customers.

We want to turn your yard into a stunning display through the use of trees, plants, shrubs, landscaping features and unique design. That’s why we’re in business, and we want to make your property something you are proud to have as your living space.

To find out how Bumblebee Tree Service can help transform your outdoor space into an amazing place to live (and, simply be), contact us today by calling (609) 297-1721 or send us an e-mail.

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About Bumblebee

We are a family-owned & fully insured business humbly serving all of the South Jersey area for over 7 years. We work with residential, commercial & municipal customers, and a significant percentage of our client base are referrals. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer service experience while offering professional, comprehensive & quality work at a fair price.

When selecting a contractor in the tree business, there is no substitute for safety. Bumblebee Tree Services & Landscaping Design LLC enjoys an excellent reputation for safe tree work and thorough clean-up after the work is complete. We have new, modern equipment and expert tree professionals to meet all your needs.

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