Landscape Design South Jersey, NJ

At Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscape Design, we understand that having a well-landscaped property is an excellent way to add value and curb appeal to your home or business in South Jersey, NJ.

We have helped in design for hundreds of customers across the South Jersey area, including customers in Mullica Hill, Vineland, Wilmington, Mantua, and many more.

Landscape Design

A good landscape design can do more than provide you with a beautiful outdoor space. According to the US Department of Energy, a well-designed landscape can help make your home more energy efficient, and can also help conserve water.

Why is Landscaping Design Important?

Our landscape design experts understand the best ways to place trees and plants in order to provide your home with shade that reduces your cooling costs throughout the summer, as well as windbreaks that can reduce your heating expense throughout the winter. Not only that, but our professional landscape experts understand the importance of creating an outdoor space that won’t break the bank with maintenance costs.


In addition to reducing your costs, having a beautifully landscaped outdoor space has been proven to have positive benefits on your health and well-being. For businesses, this means happier, healthier employees. For cities, this can have a significant impact on the attitude and health of residents. Well-designed public landscaping can set a city apart from the surrounding areas, attracting shoppers and tourists, which will increase municipal revenue.

Why Choose Bumblee For Landscape Design?

Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscape Design, LLC specializes in creating beautiful outdoor spaces without breaking your budget. Whenever possible, we will make use of the natural plants and trees that are already present in your space. We also understand the best way to pair natural elements with man-made materials for the most pleasing effect, creating outdoor areas that can truly be lived in.


We believe that your landscaped space should be more than just a pretty area to look at, it should be functional as well. We have helped homeowners, businesses, and municipalities all over the South Jersey area to design & create unique outdoor spaces to fit a variety of needs.


We put our mulch delivery services, hardscaping services, and professional experience & skill to work for you!