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Hardscaping is landscaping through the use of hard surface elements that don’t require watering or trimming, such as a driveway or retaining wall. The professional arborists at Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping are knowledgeable and skilled in the design and application of any hardscape feature you desire to add to your property.

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We’ve been hardscaping in South Jersey for the past seven years for residential, commercial and municipal clients throughout the area and are ready to assist you with your project.

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At Bumblebee Tree Care and Landscaping, LLC we are proud to provide you with the highest quality of service in the South Jersey, NJ area. Use our form below, or call us today to claim your Free Estimate: (609) 297-1721

Based on our experience, we can assist you with the selection and design of each hardscape project you wish to incorporate in your outdoor space. Our teams of professionals possess skills that are constantly upgraded to keep them current on new and exciting trends.

Our team is creative, and they can take your ideas and make suggestions that will enhance your property. Call (609) 297-1721 or e-mail Bumblebee Tree Service today for a free estimate on your hardscaping plans.

hardscaping-south-jerseyPaver Installation

One popular hardscape feature is the installation of paver stones or bricks. They make excellent low maintenance walkways, and at Bumblebee Tree Service our professional design team takes you through the entire process.

From the design plan, to the removal of lawn and dirt where the pathway will run, to the base placement, and finally to the paver restraining and sand distribution leading to paver installation. We work with you to complete the perfect paver project in South Jersey that will enhance your property and be a welcoming addition to your yard landscaping.

Decorative Block Retaining Walls

When it comes to retaining wall installation, and in particular those designed with decorative blocks, Bumblebee Tree Service has you covered. The additional engineering required for this kind of outdoor landscaping project is nothing new for our professional design team.

We can take care of the entire project from start to finish including the initial layout of the planned location of the wall and trenching to the placement of the first (foundation) course to additional courses (layers) and the backfilling of the finished wall.

Fire Pits

Nothing beats spending extra time outdoors enjoying your yard and property, and one excellent way to add hours of enjoyment to your outdoor living experience is with the use of a fire pit.

A professionally installed fire pit by our South Jersey team takes planning of the location and design, to the foundation building and construction of both the outer wall and inner fire brick wall, to the finishing touches. Call or e-mail Bumblebee Tree Services for a free estimate on all our hardscape projects including fire pits.

Driveways, Walkways and Patios

The same goes for the construction and installation of driveways, walkways and patios at Bumblebee Tree Service. Our landscaping crews are well versed in all aspects of hardscaping and can guide your plans from the plotting of the path to helping you decide how wide to make them based on the space available in and around your yard.

They will also discuss your choice of materials best suited for the project, how to create path surfaces that are comfortable to use and easy to maintain right up to installation and clean up.


Because each yard is as different and unique as a snowflake, costs will vary from yard to yard and will also depend on how many hardscape features are to be included in the overall landscaping of your property.

This is why we encourage you to call (609) 297-1721 or e-mail us at Bumblebee Tree Service so we can visit your property and make a job quote based on what will be done in your yard from the moment we pull up to the front gate to when we leave after the job is done.

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We are a family-owned & fully insured business humbly serving all of the South Jersey area for over 7 years. We work with residential, commercial & municipal customers, and a significant percentage of our client base are referrals. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer service experience while offering professional, comprehensive & quality work at a fair price.

When selecting a contractor in the tree business, there is no substitute for safety. Bumblebee Tree Services & Landscaping Design LLC enjoys an excellent reputation for safe tree work and thorough clean-up after the work is complete. We have new, modern equipment and expert tree professionals to meet all your needs.

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