Gibbstown, NJ Tree Service

Professional property services by Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscape Design keeps the residential and commercial facilities located in Gibbstown, NJ looking their best. We’ve delivered safe, efficient tree care to the South Jersey area for over seven years.

As members of the International Society of Arboriculture we’re versed in the current industry standards for managing all aspects of your property’s landscaping needs. We’re also fully licensed and insured so you know you’re getting the most reportable services available.

Bumblebee Tree Service Gibbstown, New Jersey

Bumblebee’s certified arborists are ready to manage all facets of your tree care needs. And because our technicians are available year-round your winter maintenance won’t be a hassle either.


Tree Removal

Although our first priority is to preserve trees, sometimes it’s necessary to have them removed. If a tree becomes sick or hazardous then the professionals at Bumblebee will use safe climbing and rigging techniques to remove the damaged tree. Tree removal requires specialized training; doing it on your own can result in injury and damaged property.


Tree Pruning

Trees are commonly pruned for a variety of reasons. Usually dead branches are removed, but sometimes live branches are cut to change the tree’s shape. The experienced arborists at Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping can determine which type of pruning will maintain the health, safety, and value of your trees.


Snow Removal

Snow and ice are more than winter annoyances; they also pose a safety risk for residential and retail establishments. Removing them on your own can be time-consuming and labor intensive activity.


Commercial Landscape Design

One of the first things customers notice when they arrive on premises is the landscaping. Professionally designed landscapes create a safe, inviting environment for customers and tenants. The team at Bumblebee Tree Service is ready to install, and maintain whatever you have in store.


Other Tree Care Services

Our skilled technicians can perform full complement of arboriculture services so it’s no problem if you need something not listed.

Neighborhoods & Service Areas in Gibbstown, NJ

Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping works throughout the small town of Gibbstown, NJ.


When compared with other New Jersey cities, this Gloucester County town ranks about average in population and density, though jobs in the area have increased about 2.5%.


Most residents are employed, although a significant portion of the population is retired. Those working generally commute to work in a private vehicle.


The median age of real estate in Gibbstown is 50 years. Nearly a third of the housing was built before 1950, but it’s largely comprised of houses built between 1950 and 1989.