Gibbsboro, NJ Tree Service

Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscape Design proudly offers professional arborist services to the residents and businesses of Gibbsboro, NJ. Our team has all of your landscaping solutions in one place.

We’re a fully licensed and insured local company who has served the greater South Jersey area for over seven years. Our certified arborists deliver safe and effective tree care services by staying active members of the International Society of Arboriculture.

Bumblebee Tree Service Gibbsboro, New Jersey

Certified arborists at Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscape Design are ready to manage your commercial and residential tree care needs. We’re even available year-round to complete your winter snow removal.


Tree Removal

Removing an unhealthy or hazardous tree should only be done by trained technicians. We’ll evaluate the tree to ensure removal is the best option then do so using only the safest most effective techniques. Bumblebee takes care not to damage nearby structures and plants in the process.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is one of the most common services we provide. The arborists at Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscape Design are skilled in a variety of trimming techniques that will maintain the safety, aesthetics, and health of your trees. We can remove dead branches, change a tree’s shape, or prepare it for inclement weather.

Snow Removal

Winter weather brings snow and ice that is both unsightly and unsafe. Removing it can be a hassle for residents and businesses because it’s so time-consuming. Instead, let Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping do the work for you.

Commercial Landscape Design

Landscaped areas are one of the first things people notice when arriving on premises. It invites customers and tenants into your space. Professional services by Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping keep those areas looking their best so you can concentrate on other aspects of the facility.



Other Tree Care Services

Contact us for information about services we haven’t discussed. Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping can complete your irrigation, stump removal, post-storm evaluation, and other services. We also have firewood, and stone and mulch delivery.

Neighborhoods & Service Areas in Gibbsboro, NJ

Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping works throughout the small borough of Gibbsboro, NJ.

This Camden County neighborhood is established but not historic. Over half of the houses in this area were built between 1950 and 1989. Most are three to four bedroom single-family homes; a very small percentage are studios and apartments.

Most people drive to work, enjoying a less than ten minute commute. An equal proportion of people walk, use public transportation, or work from home.