When you buy a home, what is one of the first things that you imagine doing? For most of us, it is to build an outdoor space where we can spend time, grow our family, and enjoy the seasons. However, many of us soon realize that building our dream outdoor areas is actually really difficult to do.

Whether you wish to add trees that are tall and strong or you intend to add trees for elegance and beauty, you don’t have to forgo your dreams of building a dream backyard.

Before you even think about growing or planting a tree in your yard, you need to think about what kinds of trees you want, just how much upkeep you are willing to do with your trees, what feature you want those trees to have in your backyard, and even what does it cost to keep that tree?

There is a great deal of work and studying that goes into planting a tree – it isn’t simply digging an opening and throwing a balled tree inside of it. You have to think about the ways in which you will interact with your tree – some trees cannot stand up to treehouses and swings and others can.

Want to start dreaming that yard you’ve always dreamt of? Below are 4 landscape design choices to consider when adding a tree:

4. If you plan on moving, think about your worth.

  • Trees take a long period of time to get strong and beautiful – people look for already grown trees.
  • Consider getting rare trees that you do not see elsewhere.
  • Do not go overboard or you may hurt your home’s worth.

A fully-grown tree that has been taken care of by experts could add between $1,000 to $10,000 to your home, according to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers. If you are seeking to obtain this increase in value, keep in mind that it takes years for trees to reach their fully-grown size, so plant your trees as early as feasible to get the most effective outcomes.

When growing a tree to add to the worth of your house, you certainly should think about the sorts of trees that individuals really want in their yards. You have to be realistic about your home. Individuals typically don’t want to spend hours upon hours raking their leaves, for example, but they may appreciate a fruit tree that they can cultivate. The most effective type of tree for your backyard will depend on your home – trees that are strong may be an excellent choice for a family that will have children playing on it. On the other hand, a ranch-style home with one bedroom that will possibly have a person, or older married couple, probably shouldn’t have trees that require work.

3. Develop a beautiful outdoor space.

  • Gives you personal privacy in your yard.
  • Expands your living space.
  • Encourages you to spend more time outdoors.

If you aren’t the kind of person that likes to spend every moment you have outdoors working, but you do like to be outside, you might want to think about how you can add to the livable space in your home. By adding a “living” space outside, you will certainly get privacy when you are outside as well as still be outside in the elements.

According to Better Homes and Gardens: “If you don’t want to work on making your entire yard a private paradise, take one corner and transform it into a secluded getaway. A simple way to do this is to carefully place a couple of trees to form a pocket. Here, for example, two pines make a hammock feel tucked away. A redbud just behind the hammock enhances the effect.”

2. Your yard shape really matters here.

  • Consider getting professional landscaping design
  • Consider plants, sidewalks, water features, as well as your trees.
  • Remember you have to perform lawn work.

When preparing to plant your tree, you have to think about how your tree will fit into the rest of your landscaping design. Most people plant trees in a yard – but should you for your backyard? Lifehacker suggests looking at your area from an aerial view to actually plan out the form and extent of your design. You will be able to think about where to put things without the pressure of having to do the work.

You can also get tape or even spray paint out to map things like where your tree will be placed, what the landscaping and garden design will be, just how much shade there will be, and even things like the root span. Sometimes, this will take some research, but it will be worth it.

1. Look through a window.

  • Think of security as well as security.
  • You probably spend even more time inside than outdoors.
  • Determines sort of tree that you want.

HGTV claims that one of the biggest landscaping errors that individuals make is the fact that they don’t consider what their lawns and gardens will look like from the within your residence. This is important because we do tend to spend a lot more time within our houses than we do outside – so that view needs to be pleasant as well.

Stand inside your residence and look out your window – what do you see that you want to see? What do you see that you don’t want to see? You’ll need to address these questions before you plant a tree. You might not lose these views right away, but over time you certainly will.

Planting a tree is hard – there is a lot to think about and a lot to go over before you put it into the ground. Remember that trees start small, but they get absolutely massive both above the ground and below it – so you need to plan for both.

If you happen to be looking for a tree care professional in South Jersey, give Bumblebee Tree Service a call today at (609) 297-1721. We will help you to better understand your trees and have all of the appropriate equipment to take care of any problems that pop up throughout the year.

Header photo courtesy of Gordon Wrigley on Flickr!