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Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping provides a wide range of arboriculture services to the Franklinville, NJ area. We’re the only stop your home or business needs for professional tree care.

Our team is fully licensed and insured so you can be assured you’re getting the safest services around. We’re also members of the International Society of Arboriculture so you know we’re using the most effective methods available.

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At Bumblebee Tree Care and Landscaping, LLC we are proud to provide you with the highest quality of service in the South Jersey, NJ area. Use our form below, or call us today to claim your Free Estimate: (609) 297-1721

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tree service franklinvilleBumblebee technicians are experienced in all aspects of commercial and residential landscaping, including winter maintenance. No matter what you have in mind, we’ve got you covered.

Tree Removal

We prefer to save trees but sometimes removal is necessary. Our certified arborists will evaluate your trees to make sure that’s the best solution then carefully remove it without damaging nearby landscaping and buildings.

Tree Pruning

Tree trimming is the most common service we provide. Pruning can remove dead branches, change the tree’s shape, or prepare a plant for inclement weather. The arborists at Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping are skilled in a variety of techniques that will achieve the results you desire.

Snow Removal

Homeowners and business owners are responsible for removing most snow and ice. Save time by letting our professionals do it for you. Technicians at Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping can do it quickly, and without damaging property.

Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping is a major investment for any commercial property. Proper installation and maintenance ensures that it will stay healthy for a long time. The team at Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping is ready for your new or existing landscaping project.

Other Tree Care Services

Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping is full-service; we offer emergency tree service, firewood and mulch delivery, and stump removal. Contact us online or by calling (609) 297-1721 to discuss your groundskeeping goals.

Neighborhoods & Service Areas in Franklinville, NJ

Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping works throughout the unincorporated community of Franklin Township located in Franklinville, NJ.

Franklinville mixes the hometown charm of historical buildings and a small population, with modern stores and conveniences. Franklin Township is its own municipality on par with its larger city and boroughs by collecting taxes and providing government services such as water, sewer, police and fire protection, and its own schools.

Franklinville is populated mostly by married couples. Homes are three to four bedroom single-family residences built between 1950 to 1999. Residents report commuting less than thirty minutes to work.

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About Bumblebee

We are a family-owned & fully insured business humbly serving all of the South Jersey area for over 7 years. We work with residential, commercial & municipal customers, and a significant percentage of our client base are referrals. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer service experience while offering professional, comprehensive & quality work at a fair price.

When selecting a contractor in the tree business, there is no substitute for safety. Bumblebee Tree Services & Landscaping Design LLC enjoys an excellent reputation for safe tree work and thorough clean-up after the work is complete. We have new, modern equipment and expert tree professionals to meet all your needs.

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