Firewood Delivery Service South Jersey, NJ

In addition to our tree maintenance and landscaping services, Bumblebee Tree Service also offers firewood delivery across the South Jersey area, including areas such as Swedesboro, Cherry Hill, and Mount Holly.


As tree care experts, our staff understands that the quality of firewood you burn can determine the efficiency of your fireplace or wood stove.

Firewood Delivery

Bumblebee Tree Service acquires firewood in a sustainable manner.

Firewood, Recycling Nature

While it is our goal to save every tree that we can, there are times when a tree has become so diseased or pest-ridden that it simply must be cut down. This doesn’t mean the end of its usefulness, however. A cut tree can still be used for firewood.

As a professional tree service, our professional staff is aware of the correct way to perform a tree removal in South Jersey so that it can be used for firewood. If the proper procedures aren’t used during cutting and transport, disease and fungi might be spread to other trees across the area.


Why Buy Bumblebee Firewood?

Cutting your own firewood can be dangerous, and is an activity best left to professionals. Then, once the wood has been cut or pruned by a professional, it needs to be stored and allowed to season for at least a full year to ensure that it burns efficiently with as little smoke as possible. You can be sure that our firewood has been cut down safely, using the proper equipment.

It is also important to know that the firewood you receive has been acquired in a sustainable manner. You can be sure that all of the firewood we sell has come from trees that were no longer viable landscaping sources, while still being completely safe for use in your fireplace or wood-burning stove.