Emergency Tree Service South Jersey, NJ

Bumblebee Tree Service is proud to offer Emergency Tree Service to all municipalities, businesses, and residents of the South Jersey area. This includes local cities such as Cherry Hill, NJ.

Was your property or house damaged after a storm?

When a violent storm passes through the area, even the hardiest of trees can suffer damage. When storm damage occurs, it is very important that any hazardous trees or branches are serviced by a tree removal company in South Jersey quickly before they can damage property or cause any injuries.

Bumblebee Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree Service

For your storm damage cleanup or emergency tree care needs.

Damage Cleanup
What To Do If You Have Storm Damage

If you have any storm damage to your trees, it is important that you do not approach them. Tree branches can break and fall suddenly, causing injury to anyone who is standing nearby. Instead, it is important that you contact a professional emergency tree service like Bumble Tree Service & Landscaping.


We can help remove any damaged trees and limbs when necessary. Whenever possible, we can also work to repair any slight damage that may have occurred to your trees during the storm. Trees that are damaged should never be ignored; to do so invites infection and insect infestation.

Emergency Tree Service
Why Hire A Professional Tree Service?

Often, storms can damage trees in a way that is hidden. Damage that occurs at the tree roots, for example, can weaken the integrity of your tree. However, without professional training, this type of damage can be very difficult to spot. The certified tree experts at Bumblebee Tree Service & Landscaping, LLC are trained to evaluate hidden damage (as well as the occasional jersey stump removal).


Whenever possible, we would like to avoid having to remove a tree. By calling our service as soon as possible following the storm, you give us the opportunity to use our skills to save your trees whenever possible. Most well-established trees are very resilient, and can handle the loss of even a major limb. The tree may need to be pruned or have a cut-line placed to repair a weakened branch. Torn bark can also be repaired. When you hire a professional emergency tree service, you ensure that your tree can be saved whenever possible, while also protecting it from further damage.

Bumblebee Emergency Tree Service