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4 Reasons Why DIY Tree Trimming Isn’t Encouraged

To save a few extra dollars, homeowners sometimes attempt DIY tree trimming. However, while tree trimming may seem simple enough, the practice involves much more than taking a pair of shears to large branches. Doing it wrong often does more harm than good.

When your trees need trimming, trust the experts. Certified and professional arborists bring years of experience with the right tools and knowledge for the job. Here, we’ll explore four reasons to avoid DIY tree trimming and when to contact a tree service company in Cherry Hill

1. Several Safety Concerns 

DIY tree trimming can be hazardous, especially when you don’t have the right tools and knowledge. Without proper safety equipment and training, DIYers risk cutting themselves or falling out of a tree.

Arborists and tree companies take extra measures to prevent these accidents from occurring. They can differentiate between rotten and healthy branches and know where to step and cut safely.

2. Proper Pruning Prevents Property Damage

One of the main reasons why homeowners decide to trim and prune their trees is because they’re close to their home or other property. However, besides the danger of the trimmer falling, improper tree trimming techniques can cause branches to fall and damage property below. 

That said, deciding not to trim your trees can also cause property damage. Often, all it takes is heavy rain, a winter storm, or even heavy winds to cause a tree’s branches to fall.

3. Poor DIY Tree Trimming Techniques Can Damage Your Trees

Arborists always recommend trimming and pruning to improve your tree’s overall health. However, many homeowners only target noticeably diseased or damaged branches. 

Extreme weather can quickly damage other branches which homeowners might not have noticed were weak. Additionally, many DIY tree trimming methods can damage a tree’s limbs. Therefore, it’s crucial to implement the correct trimming methods to prevent tree diseases and rot. 

Some of the most typical pruning mistakes homeowners make include: 

  • Pruning doing the wrong season: Corrective pruning should occur any time of the year to remove dead or diseased branches. However, pruning live branches requires a bit more finesse. It’s best to limit pruning live branches while the tree is most active. 
  • Pruning too much: When you prune a tree’s branches, you create wounds. While sometimes these wounds are necessary–similar to performing surgery on a patient–they cause tree stress. Additionally, every injury can invite the presence of pests like fungi and insects. 
  • Improperly making cuts: Improper technique can also damage your trees, making them susceptible to disease, rot, or fungi. In addition, cuts too short or too long can take a severe toll on your tree’s trunk or limbs. 
  • Having no goal in mind: Every pruning session should be calculated and precise. You should have a clear plan, such as removing dead branches, boosting fruit production, or enhancing a tree’s overall shape. 

4. Loss of Time and Money

Finally, DIY tree trimming can be more expensive and time-consuming than hiring a professional team. As a result, homeowners often call professional arborists to mitigate damage caused by improper trimming and pruning. By calling them to do the initial trimming, those homeowners could save quite a bit.

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