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Accountants for Taxes in South Jersey

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Accountants for Taxes in South Jersey

Tax season is a tough one for many people. There is a lot of work to do, a lot of information you have to gather, and a lot of calculating that many people don’t like to do. Add that to the fact that you have to wait hours for your tax preparation services at big name companies, and it isn’t a surprise that people push it off to the latest possible date.

Luckily, Sewell, New Jersey has a lot of independent and small tax preparation firms that will give you a personalized, hassle-free approach to tax season. If you are looking for a customized approach that will give you the biggest return possible, consider going with one of these local companies:

1. CLM Advisors

Credit: CLM

The team at CLM Advisors knows that tax season is extremely confusing for many people. If you do your return alone because you like that part of it, you still want to get someone to check the numbers and see if you are missing something. That’s what this team will do. They will use their software to check your return.

As an added bonus, they will be able to file your return electronically so that you can get your money back much more quickly. You can also set up a new system with your pay so that you can get more money back each week so you aren’t giving the government a loan.

Finally, if your books are a mess, fear not, they can help you out there as well.

2. Cipriani & Associates, LLC

Cipriani and Associates, LLC is a full-service accounting firm that works with clients in Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Credit: Cipriani and Associates

Their team is filled with some of the best of the best in accounting services. They work with you on a personal level to figure out any issues you may have with personal or business taxes.

They work with you to find the most deductions and the highest amount on your return.

Their team is one of the best because of the combination of their “expertise, experience and the team mentality of our staff, we assure that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve. Our dedication to high standards, hiring of seasoned tax professionals, and work ethic is the reason our client base returns year after year.”

3. Greentree Accounting and Tax Services

The team from Greentree Accounting and Tax Services has always worked with the Sewell, New Jersey area to handle payroll, tax

Credit: Greentree

preparation, and bookkeeping. Their team is exceptional and fully qualified in any area they offer. Even better, they build a relationship with you so that you don’t have to jump from company to company every year. Instead, you will build a relationship with a company that knows you.

There is no reason that your tax season has to be stressful, according to this team. They spend their year learning more about deductions and taking advantage of the literature available to them. Each individual is responsible for staying up to date with all of the information.

If an audit comes through, they are more than willing to go toe to toe with different agencies to help you out.

4. Montecino & Ciaccia

Credit: Montecino & Ciaccia

If you need a team that understands all of the complexities of tax season, Montecino & Ciaccia is the right team for you to choose. Their team works with some of the most complex tax returns in Sewell, NJ. All of the CPAs who work there have earned an extra certification, the Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. The founder, Charles Montecino was honored in 2008 with the Top Practitioner Award from the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers.

Not only do they work with the traditional tax preparation, they also work with small and mid-size business, people going through a divorce, those who have received a letter from the IRS about taxes that weren’t paid, you owe money and don’t understand how you’re going to pay it, or you have been named executor of an estate and don’t know where to start.

5. Ken Landis Tax Solutions

Ken Landis (and his team of professionals) is one of the most trusted names in tax preparation. His reputation is so good that people will

Credit: Ken Landis

travel hours just to get his services. His office is staffed with some of the best tax specialists in the industry, including former IRS officers and IRS Enrolled Agents.

According to their website, “We have been representing taxpayers before the IRS since 1981. Ken Landis Tax Solutions guarantees that your case will be handled by one of our skilled tax professionals. We meet with each of our clients personally. Don’t trust your future to an anonymous phone salesperson or online company.”

Follow them on Facebook for up to date information throughout the year on all things tax and money matters.

6. The Jersey Tax Place

Credit: The Jersey Tax Place

For hassle free taxes by professionals who are no muss, no fuss, The Jersey Tax Place is a fantastic place to look. They are dedicated to helping tax payers who have no idea what they are doing, nor do they have any idea how to do their taxes by themselves.

Their tax services include tax planning, individual taxes, corporation taxes, partnerships, LLCs, LLPs, trusts, estates, and notary services. On top of that, they can help you with online accounting, corporate accounting, bookkeeping, payroll services, and consulting services.

It doesn’t matter who you like to work with, their team is filled with a variety of workers that will solve your problems.

7. Douglas K Heil, EA & Associates

Finally, Douglas K Heil, EA & Associates is the last, but not the least, tax preparation company in South Jersey on our list. This team actively

Credit: Douglas K Heil

“works to maximize your tax savings with professional tax preparation services.”

They do this by employing the best of the best and staying on top of their studies. Every time news breaks or something new pops up, they learn it or research it to see how they can use it.

Even more importantly, they stay on top of the changing tax laws as well as your changing life. They also adhere to the “ethical standards and codes of professional conduct established by the IRS.”

Their website also serves as a great resource for people to learn and understand tax law.

Use Your Return Wisely

We’ve been guilty of it as well – you get a tax return and you use it to go to a concert or to get yourself something really nice but that you don’t actually need. Instead, you could make the rest of your year easy by putting at least part of your tax return to something that you will need anyone. If you have a yard, there is a chance that you will need some tree or landscape maintenance.

Our team at Bumblebee Tree Service and Landscape Design wants to work with you so that you can get the most out of your tax return. We will give you a free estimate for whatever you need done and walk you through the process. Whether you want to transform your yard into something new or you just want to remove that tree that scared you all winter, we will be here to work with you.

Header Photo Courtesy of Pictures of Money on Flickr!

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