Homeowners often need to take their tree care into their own hands, especially when it is a small task that you can handle without the help of a professional. Of course, you should always call professionals for the bigger jobs, like pruning or bringing down very tall trees. Still, it would be absolutely silly for us to believe that you will call a professional for every single tree need that you have – some of them you can handle by yourself.

However, we do hope that you use the appropriate tools when you are performing any smaller maintenance. When you use the right tools, you will keep your trees safer and, even more importantly, you will keep yourself safer. So what tools do you need? Here are a few options we’d consider adding to your tree care toolkit:

5. Garden Hoses

  • Ensures Your Trees Stay Hydrated
  • Useful in All Seasons
  • Timed Sprinklers Even Better

No matter what time of the year it is, having a garden hose or a sprinkler system is one of the most important tools that you absolutely need to have in your garden shed. Summers are almost always extremely dry, and relying on rain isn’t something you can do if you want to have healthy trees, lawns, and gardens. A sprinkler system will help to make this easier if you have a large expanse of lawn or many trees, but a hose can simply help as well.

Of course, you know how often to water your trees and the amount of water you should use, because you don’t want to over water. Still, with some help you will be able to do it well. The Home Depot has a great guide to buying a garden hose, in which they point out that every home needs something a little different, so you might want to do some research.

4. Hand Pruners

  • Always Clean Them Properly
  • There are Different Sizes – Buy the Right One
  • Don’t Go Too Crazy

Want to do a few snips here and there that won’t dramatically impact the size of your tree? Hand pruners are a great way to do this, especially for branches that have fallen. You don’t want to use them too often, especially on trees that are diseased or if it is a major branch. However, most homeowners will want to keep a pair around to make small cuts for themselves.

In fact, we don’t recommend hand pruners for your bigger trees at all. However, they can be extremely helpful for bushes or vines.

According to Garden Products Review, “Pruners (also called clippers, pruning shears, or secateurs) are used to trim and shape plants, deadhead, prune out dead or damaged foliage and small branches, and cut back perennials. They’re one of the most-used gardening tools so it’s important to get a pair that works best for you.”

3. Rakes

  • Clean Up Foliage That Falls
  • Keep Root Systems Exposed During Water
  • Helps With Spreading Mulch

This one might seem common, but many people just don’t buy rakes anymore. Instead, they use blowers or wait for the wind to blog leaves away. While this is a possibility, having a rake is a great way to ensure that the job gets done properly. A good rake will clean your lawn very quickly and even help to move some of the packed in dirt around. When it gets colder and the leaves start to fall, you want to break that soil up if you can, but using a shovel is too harsh. Instead, a rake will help to prevent permafrost from settling in and making it impossible for your trees to get water.

According to The Seattle Times“Among landscaping rakes, metal bow rakes are used for moving soil around the garden, mounding dirt to create raised beds, picking up garden debris and tamping the soil. The sharp steel points can dig too deeply into a lawn, however, and, when used to rake leaves, those same points spear the leaves and get clogged easily.” So, you may want to consider one of those.

2. Wheelbarrow

  • Moves Any Debris
  • Makes Almost Every Job Easier
  • Pick a Sturdy Wheelbarrow

This might seem like another strange option for tree care, but it is actually a very important tool for any aspect of yard care. Why is it so important? The simply truth is that it makes almost any job in your yard easier, and therefore you are more likely to take care of your trees. From mulching to raking leaves, a wheelbarrow is a primitive but helpful device that everyone should own.

If you are in the market for a wheelbarrow, you can get one almost anywhere, but do some research to see the type that will work the best for you. There have been many changes in recent years (though, according to research by the University of Houston, the first wheelbarrows may have had sails), but this is one of those items that you can buy once, and if you take care of it, it will last a long time.

1. Flashlights

  • Helps Spot Any Problems
  • Can Check Easily After Storms
  • May Scare Away Pests

Flashlights are a tool that you should have for the inside and the outside of your home. They come in handy in many different situations for tree care, especially after a storm. You can use a flashlight to spot any damage from a distance, which can keep you safe.

According to The Flashlight Guide, you may want to choose a flashlight with an LED bulb so that you can see the true colors on your tree – older bulbs may make something look different than it really is.

You can also use a flashlight to check out some details hidden behind the foliage of the tree or in the nooks and crannies of a tree. This can be helpful if you are trying to spot any problem areas when you do your routine inspections. It can also help when you are trying to see if a tree wound is healing properly.

If you decide that your tools won’t work for the job, and you are looking for a tree care professional in South Jersey, give Bumblebee Tree Service a call today at (609) 297-1721. We will help you to better understand your trees and have all of the appropriate tools to take care of any problems that pop up throughout the year.

Header photo courtesy of Andy / Andrew Fogg on Flickr!